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NorCal Vans

Our Core Values

At NorCal Vans these five core values are the standard we hold to as a company. We want to share them with you so you know what we are striving for, and help us fix things when we miss the mark.


We know that every project is touched by almost every person on our team, so working together is critical to delivering a successful project.


We believe trust is made up of both competence and character. We will endeavor to be a company that engenders trust with our customers, and also within our team.


We believe that what we do is measured by our results, and that as a company we are accountable to ourselves, each other, and our customers.


We believe it is in our DNA to be looking for the best way to improve our products and services and to find new markets that need the innovative solutions we are developing.

Positive Attitude

We value everyone bringing their best to the job every day. We want our culture to be marked by people who want to be there and are open to new ideas and willing to adapt.


We love it when our customers say:

“You made the process so much easier...”

“You helped me understand the options...”

“You helped me serve my end customer with confidence...”

“You answered questions I didn’t know to ask...”

“You kept me in the loop every step of the way...”

“You saw the possible problems and provided solutions in advance...”

“You delivered the product on time...”

“You gave me ideas for what we could achieve together in the future...”

"Every interaction I have had with your company and with you has been outstanding..."

"I think your product and your price is the best in the market..."

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