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Archive for June 2013

Slim-line Engine Cover Console

A little known secret of the E-Series van is the slim-line engine cover console. The slim-line engine cover console replaces the larger stock deluxe engine cover console, and provides more clearance in the driver and passenger area. This is an inexpensive solution for larger wheelchair users whose arm rests or knees hit the stock engine cover, and…

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What’s Happening with the new Ford Transit?

Update: 2015 Ford Transits have been released! (June 2014) This is a question that’s on everyone’s mind lately. The production of the Ford Transit has had a few delays as the chassis undergoes federal compliance testing and as Ford’s Kansas City Assembly Plant is being re-tooled for the production of the Transit. In February we received “official”…

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Nor-Cal Vans MAX 9″ has more Weight Capacity!

Power wheelchairs are getting heavier each year, as well as some of their occupants. In these situations, consideration should be given to the weight carrying capacity of wheelchair accessible vehicles. We checked the remaining weight carrying capacity on a popular lowered-floor minivan in the showroom next door. The label is located on the driver’s b-pillar.…

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