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Nor-Cal Vans Assisting in Bus Donation to El Salvador

King’s Castle Ministries in El Salvador will soon be receiving a bus donated to provide safe transportation for its volunteers who provide aid and support to the people of El Salvador. The country has a large percentage of population that is under-nourished and the general health is below acceptable standards. King’s Castle Ministries aims to improve the health…

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Bus Project for Orphanage in El Salvador Update

I want to report that the progress in delivering our wheelchair accessible bus that is being donated to the Children of the Hogar Guirola orphanage in El Salvador with its 80 + handicapped children ages 6 months to 18 years old is well under way! There is a link at the end of this message…

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NEW 2014 Vehicles are Arriving!

Our 2013 vans are going fast, but NEW 2014 Vehicles are Arriving! We have NEW 2014 vehicles posted on our Inventory! We have E-150’s, E-250’s, and Transit Connects! Chassis are already being sold before they even arrive. Reserve yours today! Visit our Inventory to see what we have available!

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The New

Nor-Cal Vans is proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website! I’m sure you’ve noticed it was in need of an update and we couldn’t be happier with the results! The ultimate goal for the new design was to make our website more user friendly and provide more information for both the public and our Nor-Cal…

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Important Update on our Ford Van Conversions

Transfer Flow has announced that they are no longer offering the complete fuel systems for 2008 and older Ford E-Vans. With this fuel system being discontinued, Nor-Cal Vans will no longer be able to offer lowered floor conversions on Ford vans 2008 and older. We will continue to offer our lowered floor conversions on 2009 and…

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Coming Full Circle: One Small Story from El Salvador

In 1980, a good-hearted and hard-working school teacher adopted two young children from El Salvador. Already a year into a 12-year brutal civil war, El Salvador was putting its orphanages to hard use. Helen Henson aware of the brutality and horror occurring in this Central American country contacted Patricia Burns, the El Salvador Program Coordinator…

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2013 E-Vans Are Just Around the Corner!

We’ll see our first ones in just a few weeks! While there are no major changes in the 2013 chassis over the 2012 chassis, there is one minor change worth noting: There will no longer be a cigarette lighter in the dash (12-volt PowerPoint with cover is retained). A new option for 2013 is a 110-volt 150-watt…

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Introduction Letter from Greg Hollis

My name is Greg Hollis, and I’d like to introduce myself as the new manager for Nor-Cal Vans. I am replacing Steve Bennett, who after 10 years, is pursuing personal ventures. A little about myself: I have worked with Nor-Cal Mobility for more than 15 years in retail mobility sales. I’ve worked with everything –…

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