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NorCal Vans



Whether you are transporting food or medical supplies, having an affordable refrigeration van is an essential part of your business. At Nor Cal we will work with you to configure a van that meets your needs and all your requirements.


Vanco Insulated Interior with Additional Insulation

  • Sealed insulation design guarantees zero moisture and consistent insulation ratings. The result is reliable temperatures and the avoidance of moisture and unpleasant odors that are common in other types of refrigerated liners.

Volta-Air Pluto Refrigeration Unit

  • Entirely 12V electric refrigeration unit that does not need the engine compressor to run, saving you fuel and future maintenance costs.

Telematics Alarm, Temperature, and GPS Monitoring System

  • Tracking system allows Drivers to monitor and manage cargo temperature controls, responds to alarms, and can be notified for maintenance check-ups wherever they may be.

Refrigerated Unit with Optional Secure Cargo Conversion

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